Essay Writing Service – what to expect and how it works

Essay Writing Service how it works

The most common myths and some useful advice on how to start with your first text order

Essay writing or paper creation is no more a problem. It has become a full-cycle online service where a person who is overloaded with different tasks can get fast and competent help. We’ve noticed that some of the clients are hesitating to ask for help because of different reasons – they worry about anonymity, quality, catch up with deadlines…

Being a 10-years help-center for remote essay and papers writing, our editorial team decided to open up the service backstage and share some useful experience.

Writing service. How it started and why it is so popular

We are living in an information era where ideas and knowledge are the new world currency. The amount of various information is enormously large. By 2020, we (people on the planet) have created about 40 trillion gigabytes of data (40 zettabytes). The number of information items is growing so fast that we can no longer control neither its growth speed nor its distribution. 90% of all existing world’s data was generated in the last two years. Today, it will take about 181 million years for a person to download all the data from the Internet. People are literally being bombarded with information from all sides almost every second. And today, we need to make greater effort to stay focused for most important tasks.

Information & writing work (like essay, academic papers, articles, market research, speech, social post creation, etc.) has become of top XXI century professions, sometimes also called “knowledge workers”. As any other modern industry, it already has its professional standards and best customer experience map.

Writing services’ current standards

We are lucky to have the internet and order almost any service from any gadget at any time. Here are the latest features of professional online writing services

  • Quick and simple order. When you are overloaded with tasks, it will take 5 minutes to ask for help online.
  • Quality guarantee. All reliable writing services are focusing on long-term relations with clients and taking responsibility for written product quality.
  • Anonymity and personal data respect. The writing service is not sharing information about a person who has made an order. Most often even the writing executives do not know who they are working for.
  • 100% originality, zero plagiarism. It is one of the critical rules for writing services and best practice industry standards.
  • The result on schedule. Last-minute help or text ordered in advance – you will be sure the service will meet the deadline.
  • Online support. In the process of ordering or tracking, your task execution professional services are always on-air with the client.
  • Loyalty program. It is important to motivate new clients to try and regular customers to get a reward.
  • Respect and polite attitude. Working with people is always about respect and good relationships.

Essay writing service. The Backstage

When you order your text online, editors check the task and immediately transfer it to the best appropriate author who is free to complete your task in-time and meets the topic qualification. Academic text task will be sent to the professional who is up to date with the latest trends, sources, and requirements in this field. Business texts – for a company web site, for presentation, for the event will receive an executive with advanced knowledge of marketing, business processes, market rules, etc. Private essays will be done by people who can generate great ideas, can feel and meet the unique character of the topic… Researches and public speeches will be transferred to “trend-catchers”.

The task doing the process is being controlled and supported by service managers. The writer starts immediately when he or she received an order and work until your paper is 100% completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Task’s topic matters?

The service writers are working with all topics which are connected to ever existing in the world phenomenon, concept, event (and are legal). There are no good or bad, simple or complicated essays or research topics. Each topic is important. The concrete writer can specialize in some field of investigation by industry, by science, by content distribution channel…

It is important to know that writers working for professional services are aware of formats and standards of the disciplines they are dealing with. So, if you just have a task and have no idea how the best (standard) result should look like – don’t panic, send it to service via an online form and you will be provided with all information. They do it every day! To know is their job!

Original writing vs Plagiarism

Professional service writers are not copy-pasting for, at least, three reasons:

1) they don’t need it because they are skilled enough to make the original text in shortest terms;

2) they are required to double-check papers to prevent even accidental plagiarism, site chief editors are checking text again before sending it to the client;

3) the ability to create original text is one of the critical success factors for this type of profession (and the reason to be awarded for a good job or fired)).

Some useful tips about text ordering

  1. Don’t wait for the last minute when you feel that you need help with your text. It will help to reduce stress and save money (not urgent text creation is always cheaper).
  2. When you need a last-minute help – set a concrete deadline and keep calm (professional services value their reputation and they have enough resources to complete the task on time).
  3. Provide all the information needed to meet your task requirements.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask questions (communication is an integral part of the process).
  5. Enjoy your text done and excel in your field!

Writing as a service

Writing as a service means that you order, receive and pay someone to write your paper. Clients categories the writing services work with:

  • Private customers
  • Students
  • Corporate clients
  • Private entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Academic people
  • Business school attendees
  • Anyone who needs a very good text of any type!