Any academic work begins with an introduction. And research paper is no exception. This is indeed a very important section because it helps the audience to make the first impression. 

A title page and introduction are necessary to present the thesis statement, which you will prove or refute in. Students should explain your choice of topic, context, background for the study, as well as its results. There is a common practice of writing an introduction after writing the whole paper. In this case, you can better structure your thoughts. You can leverage some of our tips to succeed with the section. It is also important to read an APA research paper introduction example written by a professional author or other students.

How to prepare an introduction

Writing your paper, you will get a complete picture of how your research went as well as it’s final results and references. This will help you highlight the main successes, difficulties, and moments that deserve attention. You should include them in your introduction. Our tips below will help you grab readers’ attention and make this section truly vibrant:

Indicate the topic of your research

The first few sentences may be general. But after that, you should provide a few details about your topic. This method is called the “inverted triangle,” when you start with a broad view and then narrow it down to a specific issue. You shouldn’t provide any references, but if you consider one of them really important, you can do it. 

Be creative

Your APA introduction may depend on what sciences you write research in. For the humanities, you can use a good quote or a funny joke. If you study mathematics, physics, medicine, you can pick up an unusual or intriguing fact.

Explain the main conditions of the research

Not all of your readers can understand the key terms and concepts that you use. Therefore, you should explain to them at the very beginning, so that readers do not feel confused.

Consider size

Your entry may be the perfect length. On the one hand, one thing should be short so that the reader does not get bored. On the other hand, several sentences do not help to fully reveal the topic and explain the main points of your writing sometimes. 

Use keywords

During the APA research, you probably highlighted the keywords connected with references you have used. It is important that you use them in your first section. This will help other students and the common audience understand the point, even with a quick read.

Be logical

It’s very important to maintain consistency when preparing your study. If your suggestions are linked through logical links, this will add credibility and authority to them.

Consider APA format 

It is essential to read the guide on APA style because you should provide a research paper with a particular format. Each mistake can be crucial. If you worry about it, read some examples or rely on a professional editor who will provide you with a flawless research paper.

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