If you are writing an APA research paper, you need to be very careful and responsible. This is a serious document requiring good preparation. In particular, you need to prepare a quality abstract. This is the section of your paper that summarizes the key points of your research without unnecessary information. If you familiarize yourself with the APA style guidelines, you will find out that it contains special requirements for the format of the abstract page. So if you want to know how to write an abstract for a research paper APA, read on!

Rely on a basic format

  • Make sure you use the page title or the running head. It should be located at the top of each of your pages with a certain alignment and number of characters.
  • Use a standard font. Ideally, you should stick to the requirements of your professor. But if you weren’t provided with it, you can always rely on Times New Roman font with 12 points.
  • Take care of the double space in the text so that the lines are separated by an empty line. This is important not only for abstracts but for the entire research paper.
  • Place the word “Abstract” in the center of the page at the top of it. The first letter should be uppercase, and for the main part of the word use lowercase letters. Also, you should not mark it in bold, italics, quotation marks, etc.
  • Start the text of your annotation immediately after the heading “Abstract”. You do not need to retreat a paragraph.
  • Remember the volume. The standard abstract APA format paper includes 150-250 words. This is literally one paragraph of text.
  • Do not forget the keywords. You should indent under your text as if you want to start a new paragraph. Enter the word “Keywords:” in italics and provide them with a comma.

Write a perfect abstract

We recommend you to start writing the APA abstract at the very end of the whole research writing process. Since you need to summarize the content of your scientific work, you will understand it only after the writing of the main part is completed.

To show the reader that this is a brief overview, you need to use the right time. For example, if you refer to the results and conclusions you can use the current time. Elapsed time is necessary if you talk about the methods and measurements used. Thus, the reader will understand that the study is already completed, you have already received certain results, and not only build your assumptions. Future time should not be used for this reason.

Before you write Abstract, you need to re-read your essay once again. Pay attention to the following points:

  • purpose of the study;
  • methods
  • application area;
  • results;
  • findings;
  • recommendations.

After that, you can write your draft. Don’t expect it to be perfect, you still have time to make amends. Reread this paragraph lately to understand your mistakes and moments that need improving.

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