When you are preparing your research paper, you need to pay enough attention to all sections. In this guide, we will provide you with useful tips regarding the research paper APA results section writing.

You probably know that this section is necessary to summarize the data collected and conduct statistical analysis. No one expects you to offer your own subjective interpretation, because other sections of your paper are for this purpose. Just report clear and concise results. Below you will find recommendations on how you can do this most effectively.

The results should meet your expectations

Remember that you have outlined your expectations for the study at the beginning of the research paper. It will be a blatant mistake if you write results that do not correspond to them at all. When you write this section, you should have an introductory part before your eyes to make sure that all the data that you use corresponds to that part of the text. They should also confirm your findings regarding the study. Be careful not to make critical semantic errors. Make sure that your paper suits the APA style as well. 

Don’t skip important information

Just as your results section should meet your expectations, it should also be as accurate as possible. If your hypothesis expected more significant results, work on it until you confirm your predictions. Be sure to include all the necessary data.

If you were not able to confirm your hypothesis during the study, this does not mean that it does not matter. This is also informative because it allows you to draw some useful conclusions. Provide data about what you received during the study and interpret this in the section with conclusions.

Briefly summarize your research

Remember that you need to summarize the research, and not explain them in the most detailed details. This section should be brief enough. If you want to report additional information, calculations, tables, etc., you can create an archive with raw data and open access to it. 

You also don’t need to provide some resources and references here. 

Use different types of content

Your results section should include different types of content, such as text, tables or illustrations. This will help your readers quickly view results and create an overall impression.

We recommend that you first prepare tables and figures, and then take care of their logical ordering. You will also need to write a resume text to support your content. Do not include graphics that you will not explain in the main section.

It is important to remember that if you have already used some visual materials in the main part of your research, you should not duplicate them in the results section. 

Remember, all you have to do is just submit your research data. This is the shortest section of all paper and the shortest. Make sure you have not used any subjective interpretation. You will have the opportunity to analyze the study, its successes, and failures in the discussion section.

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