If you were assigned the task of writing an academic argumentative essay, you need to convince your readers of some ideas. You will choose a specific position and find arguments that will help support it.

Starting an essay is a really important step in the writing process. It will help to attract the attention of the audience and establish your authority in their eyes. A good introduction may interest even those people who are not particularly interested in your topic. However, even the highest quality argumentative essay can be ruined by a poor introduction. Therefore, we want to provide some strategies that will help you figure out how to begin the introduction to an argumentative essay. 

Be creative

If you want to start your essay with a bang, you should use some hook when you write your introduction. It can be a quote, intriguing question, joke, unusual fact, etc. Something that relevant, but enough quickly to attract readers’ attention immediately. You may read some essay introduction examples to see how other students use these hooks.

Present your essay to readers

The essay introduction is a section that will help your readers learn more about your paper. Of course, you submit your topic initially, but one sentence is not enough. In the introduction paragraph, you can explain the context of your paper, the particular framework, the thesis statement.

You probably understand that many topics are quite wide. For example, if your academic essay is about healthcare, this may include a lot of subtopics. But it is in the introduction that you can narrow it down and choose a specific focus: insurance medicine, nursing careers, ethical dilemmas, etc.

Determine your focus

In addition to presenting argumentative essay topics, your introduction essay writing to an argumentative essay should make the audience understand the main problem. What questions will you consider in your article? You can prepare a question that requires. Or you can come up with a thesis statement. Of course, this does not mean that you should be limited to one of these options. You can ask a question and immediately offer an answer to it. This will show readers a clear direction in which you will move in the process of writing paper. You can also provide a structure for your future paper.

Knowing what you’re going to write about, readers will feel an interest in this topic and will want to know more about your arguments and general position.

Orient the audience

Orienting readers means providing the necessary information and explanation. If the reader does not have this, one will simply get lost and close your essay. Of course, if you write exclusively for your professor, you can neglect this step. But we recommend that you imagine your target audience.

Before moving on to the main arguments, you need to explain the importance of the problem, its background. You can even describe the views of the other side of the existing counterarguments. This will help readers who have no opinion on this topic to establish it. They will get more background information from you and will be able to better perceive your arguments.

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